There is always somewhere to explore

There is always somewhere to explore

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thanks to Anne Lamott

 Well, I have set up my first official blog, thanks to an amazing writer!
 How come that Anne Lamott makes it seem so easy to write? Yes, I know she has been writing for a few decades now. That certainly helps! In fact, she published her first book, the year I graduated from college. And that was a while back... 
But her book, "Bird by Bird, Some Instructions on Writing and Life",which is fabulous by the way; inspired me enough that I finally decided to set up shop and begin to write 'my story'. Okay, I haven't read  ALL of "Bird by Bird"- yet.  But I  read the beginning chapters, last week when I was sick in bed with bronchitis. In between bouts of coughs, I was cheered by her encouragement, "Plug your nose and jump in, and write down your memories as truthfully as you can." Then, I kept coughing, knowing that if I wrote so truthfully my family would die. However, her words inspired me to begin this blog .. Well, actually what prompted me to set the blog up today was that I  wanted to apply to write on another writing blog.  But, I have to have a blog to apply to apply to write (for free, mind you)..(Maybe if you read this you can let the women at Two Writing know that now I have an official blog.)  
So, here it is: the Blackboard of Life blog. 
Hopefully this counts as a blog? But the bigger question for me is, do I now count as a writer? I definitely know how to teach writing to children! So, I know eventually, I will become the writer I am meant to be. And how will that happen?   
 Well, according to Anne, " You sit down."  That seems so simple..I thought it would be anyway. So I thought it would be easy enough to take this blog " one bird at a time." But as I sit and stare at the screen, all I can think is, who wants to read what I have to say? (If you don't, that's OK.. come back and check on me in a few months..I will still be here and hopefully I will be a bit better of a writer.. That is, if you will comment and tell me what I need to work on.)
Even today as my fingers slowly begin to type, I realize that Anne's advice just to write,  is slowly coming true. One word at a time, I will be writing to see inside my soul, conquer my demons, make sense of my life and maybe at the same time, help someone else along the way discover what is true for her.
So, Anne this one is for you! I am sure I do not do you justice. But I hope that you will know you have launched another writer on her journey. Happy Birthday and much appreciation for your faith-filled, funny and so real work! 

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