There is always somewhere to explore

There is always somewhere to explore

Monday, May 4, 2015

Concussion- A poem.

In honor of my daughter who sustained a major concussion in a car accident in October and is suffering to date from post-concussive syndrome. In her junior year in high school, she has missed months of school and this injury will now alter her plans for post high school studies. And for  a sweet young 9 year old boy in my third grade class who also is suffering from massive headaches that keep him out of school on and off. 
 Both of these young people appear to be "normal" and thus they are treated as though nothing is wrong with them. Their flightiness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and focus continue to add stress to their daily lives. I know there are thousands of others out "there" with the same issues. To you I offer my utmost respect and compassion.

Incoherence, fatigue
Jolts of agony
Throbbing nausea
Swallow me into a black hole of
Utter wretchedness.

Endless nights of wakefulness
Interspersed with exhaustion
Days of  drowsiness
weeks of dreary fog
creep into months of lethargy.

Smiles mask sluggish confusion
Teachers question
my memory
Administrators doubt
my absences.
I wonder
will my brain